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City Wing Tsun, Inc. BBB Business Review

We've got Kung Fu classes for adults & children!
For more information about our kid's classes, click on the button below.

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Are you interested in learning Wing Chun? If the answer is yes, then you're in the right place.

  • Authentic Yip Man (Ip Man) Wing Chun (Wing Tsun) Kung Fu. City Wing Tsun focuses on the teachings of the late Grandmaster Yip Man with strong attention to detail in the traditional sense, while still focusing on real-world applicability.

  • A "Kung Fu Mecca" of a facility! City Wing Tsun boasts two floors, four wooden dummies, multiple heavy bags, wall bags, wing tsun weapons, as well as other modern and traditional training equipment. There is even an in-house pro-shop for all your kung fu equipment needs!

  • Real Qualifications, High Standards and Recognition of Excellence. Sifu Alex Richter, chief-instructor and founder of City Wing Tsun Kung fu, is one of only three practition (master) level instructors recognized by the Hong Kong Wing Tsun Association teaching in North America today. Sifu Alex is a permanent member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association and is also the youngest master to be the cover story of Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine. Sifu Alex is also one of a select group to be qualified a Level II trainer by Danish Olympic strength & conditioning coach Kenneth Jay in the Movement Code Sport Science (MCSS).

  • A staff of fully-qualified instructors. City Wing Tsun's instructors are all private students of Sifu Alex himself. Many of them have even done special training in Hong Kong under a variety of wing tsun kung fu masters. All instructors have received additional qualifications beyond their wing chun kung fu training -- being higher level does not equate teaching qualification. That's why City Wing Tsun instructors are well-versed in teaching methods, dealing with different learning types, structuring classes in a challenging yet fun way, and all are CPR/First Aid certified.  Most other martial arts schools do not require that their instructors have any additional teaching qualifications.

  • The ONLY Full-Time Wing Tsun Kung fu school in NYC! City Wing Tsun kung fu has its own school, dedicated to teaching the best quality wing tsun to its students. Most other wing chun kung fu schools are renting spaces in other dance studios or other types of martial arts schools, or worse yet, teaching out of someone's home. A full-time school guarantees training opportunities, multiple training partners, equipment, and student access that part-time schools simply cannot offer. City Wing Tsun is visited by students from around the world because they recognize the professional instruction and training opportunities available at our school.

Come see why City Wing Tsun Kung Fu is one of the world's largest and most qualified wing chun kung fu schools! We even have a free introductory program so you can experience it for yourself without any risk. Simply fill out the form above for more information and download a free eBook about the top 10 reasons why people love training kung fu at our school!

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