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Information Every Parent Should Be Aware Of:

“Studies show that a complex physical activity, like Martial Arts, strengthens networks in the brain, and enables ADD/ADHD kids to practice self-control.” - Melinda Boring. (2011). Martial Arts for ADHD Children: Improve Self-Esteem, Focus, and Coordination. ADDitude Magazine, Spring Issue 2011.

“Children with ADD/ADHD benefit from martial arts training, (…), which enhance mental control as they work out the body.” - Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. & Melinda Smith, M.A. (2012). HelpGuide.Org.

“Martial arts has definitely had positive effects in transforming some of the basic symptoms off ADD/ADHD, such as distractibility, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity in my son and others like him.” - Stella Gage. (2009). Martial Arts: Helping Children with ADD/ADHD. Yahoo Contributor Network.
5 Reasons Every Child Should Train Kung Fu:
1) Kids Get Moving in a Fun and Safe Environment

Children today have a ton of reasons to stay sedentary. Kung Fu is an excellent way for them to get the fitness they require to be healthy, happy and active. We are dedicated to creating a positive and safe environment for children to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about participating in physical activity. We believe that a fun and empowering atmosphere is exactly what children need so they can feel joy in exercise, all while teaching them important lessons about self-discipline. See results that permeate all aspects of their life from doing schoolwork to making smart choices!

2) Builds Self-Confidence, Self-Respect and Respect for Others

Self-confidence is necessary for success in all walks of life. Children with self-confidence are resistant to peer pressure and do better socially, in school and in all their extra-curricular activities. But confidence alone is not enough. Children must also learn to have respect for their elders and their peers. They must learn to treat everyone fairly. Our Kung Fu program is dedicated to building respect and confidence through proper interaction that students experience with each other and with the instructor. Our Kid's Kung Fu Program helps children become the best version of themselves!

3) Develops Focus and Good Habits

Focus is a skill that can be developed. When training Kung Fu, students get to practice their focus constantly because they must concentrate their efforts on everything they do. In this way, focus becomes second nature and children will find it comes easily when they are in class or doing their homework. Our program also gives great attention to the development of good habits to help children succeed in life. Learning to set goals, determining the actions needed to achieve those goals then executing those actions, is a skill set many people find difficult to develop. Help your child get a leg up in school and life by developing the habits that help make people happy and successful in all their endeavors.

4) Develops Body Mechanics and Improves General Health

Our program is specially designed to give children well-rounded physical training. In order for children to grow up into physically healthy adults no body mechanics can be ignored. Kung Fu develops body mechanics unlike any traditional exercise. Balance, muscle strength and flexibility, tendon elasticity, and an understanding of movement and how to exercise properly all just some of the reasons why Kung Fu is so superior. We do not just teach what to do, but how and why it's important to do it that way so children can grow up with an innate knowledge of proper form, posture, and execution of movement. Your child's cardiovascular health will increase as a result and you'll find them sleeping better, having better energy while ridding themselves of frustrating and destructive pent up energy that often leads to lack of focus and laziness.

5) Teaches Violence Prevention and De-Escalation

Learning Kung Fu is not about becoming violent and we do not teach children to solve conflicts with violence. Instead, we focus on the all important skill of preventing violence completely, or if found in a potentially physical conflict, de-escalating the violence so that physical confrontation is avoided completely. Though they will learn all the most effective and efficient ways of protecting themselves, children must first understand how to identify potentially dangerous people or situations and avoid them. Through the use of proper attitude, verbal cues, and effective communication, children will learn how to set and enforce boundaries and diffuse aggression aimed at them whether it be from peers or elders.
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