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My name is Kristy and I am student at City Wing Tsun. When this incident occurred, I had been training for about a year.

I was living alone in my apartment at the time and fell asleep in the living room watching TV.

Around 4 am I woke up due to a change in atmosphere.

As I groggily sat up, I became aware of someone crouching at the foot of the couch I’d been sleeping on. My first reaction was confusion. I thought perhaps it was someone I knew and spoke a name into the darkness. That’s when the crouching figure stood up - an alarming 6 feet tall - and the chilling realization flooded me; there was a stranger in my home and I was in the most vulnerable position possible.

The chain of events happened quickly. He was standing in the doorway, blocking my only exit and I realized there was a chance it could turn into a self-defense situation. And to my surprise, that realization comforted me. My fear subsided -- I had been trained for this. I knew what would to do if it came down to it. I gained confidence from knowing I could fight if need be.

My head cleared and I became focused on the task at hand. I instinctively began doing the things I'd been taught -- I raised my hands to create a fence between us in case he decided to lunge at me, I raised my voice, I stared him down.

“WHO ARE YOU?” I demanded loudly.

No response.

“WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY APARTMENT?” I demanded again, more aggressively. I wanted an explanation. An acknowledgement that what he was doing was wrong. His continued silence fueled my anger and determination.

One of the first things I was taught in my self-defense classes at City Wing Tsun was how to NOT be a victim. That training stuck with me and enabled me to act correctly. Had I listened to the things I'd been told prior to starting martial arts classes, it is likely I would have met a very different fate that night.

I stood up to put myself in a better position. It worked, because he automatically started running away from me.

I pursued him through my railroad apartment as he fled. He was able to leave through the front door before I reached him. Back in my apartment, I realized he’d come in through the fire escape. The gate, though locked, had been useless. He’d stolen my computers and cell phone. I briefly wondered how I would get a hold of the police with no phone, but the little panic that crept up was immediately replaced with instinctive action. I went to the window facing the street intending to yell until someone heard me and called the cops. But luck was in my favor and a cop car was rolling slowly along the street. They heard my cries and were in my apartment not 5 minutes after the burglar had left.

The police let me use their phone to track my electronics with the Find My iPhone app and we were able to get his location. A squad car was sent and though they were not able to catch him right away, he dropped a bag containing both my laptops. After those were returned to me and the Police left, I spent the wee hours of the morning obsessively tracking my phone which remained in his possession. By the time the detectives arrived at Noon, I had a list of locations he’d been to.

They were able to catch my burglar and all the possessions he’d stolen from myself and others were returned to their rightful owners.

I never even needed to use Wing Tsun Kung Fu to defend myself. But that is why one learns martial arts: To never have to use them.

Training Kung Fu has given me new confidence, the ability to manage fear and keep panic at bay as well as the physical self-defense skills to back it up. It was my attitude in the situation that not only kept me safe but helped me take the necessary actions which led to getting a criminal caught and my possessions returned.

The situation helped me realize just how much I’ve grown as a person in the time since I began studying this martial discipline.

None of us should ever have to feel our safety compromised by another person. But unfortunately, there are those who will try. Don't let yourself be their victim.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Stay safe,
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Statistics Every Woman Should Be Aware Of:

“Women who physically fight back gain an 86% chance of avoiding rape.” - Kleck, G. & Sayles, S. (1990). Rape and Resistance. Social Problems, 37, 149-162. 378 stranger rape incidents.

“24% of all violent crime is armed, and of that 24% only 9% is by an offender with a firearm.” - Bureau of Justice statistics.

“The majority (of studies) find no relationship between physical resistance and increased physical injury.” - Kleck, G. & Sayles, S. (1990). Rape and Resistance. Social Problems, 37, 149-162. 378 stranger rape incidents.

“Less forceful types of resistance such as pleading, crying and reasoning have either no association or even a negative association with rape avoidance.” - Ullman, S.E. & Knight, R.A. (1992). The efficacy of women’s resistance strategies in rape situations. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 17, 23-38
For years, women have been fed tons of misinformation about assault and how to behave in such a scenario.

Take your safety into your own hands. Be strong, confident, alert and empowered with Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Train the physical skills necessary to protect yourself if a physical confrontation were ever to arise. But more importantly, Wing Tsun Kung Fu will teach you heightened awareness to recognize potentially dangerous people and situations, how to carry yourself so you don't become a target, and the proper verbal cues and attitude to keep a situation from turning physical.
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5 Reasons Every Adult Should Train Kung Fu:

1) An Excellent Way to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Unlike traditional exercise, which is focused primarily on muscle isolation, Kung Fu trains muscles to work together for better strength, tone and overall body mechanics. In addition, Kung Fu focuses on mental training which traditional exercise ignores the importance of. Most people fall short of their fitness goals due to dips in motivation. With Kung Fu, you learn self-discipline to get through difficult times of decreased motivation so you can persevere to achieve all your fitness goals!

2) Improved General Health

Kung Fu is the perfect way to knock stress out of your life and improve your overall health. Your body will develop better mobility and a stronger immune system. Breathe better, sleep better and find yourself having a stronger desire to eat better. In addition, the level of fitness you'll engage in will increase your cardiovascular health, bringing down your resting heart rate and increasing your ability to maintain an elevated heart rate during exercise. Not only will you feel better, you'll be able to handle all of life's challenges better!

3) Develop Better Focus and Good Habits

Kung Fu develops better focus because training requires concentration on the task at hand. The constant practice helps make the ability to focus easily second nature. Develop positive habits such as learning to set goals, determining the action needed to achieve those goals then executing those actions through the methodical training system we have created in our program. The environment of our school is positive and inspiring. Our atmosphere teaches students how to look for the good in all situations. Our instructors are encouraging and kind and classes are fun and dynamic so you will go home from class feeling enthusiastic and full of vigor!

4) Improved Self-Confidence

Kung Fu is one of the best ways for adults to develop and increase their self-confidence and self-assertiveness. These traits are key for happy, healthy and successful relationships in your work and personal life. Learning to assert yourself in a positive way will help you achieve success, handle conflict and realize your goals. With newfound confidence, the overall quality of your life will improve as you no longer feel held back by fears or insecurities. You will do better socially, at work and in all of your extracurricular activities!

5) Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is one of the world's most efficient and effective forms of self-defense. Physically, Wing Tsun gives you the necessary tools to defend yourself if a violent situation were to arise. Ideally, you will never even have to use those skills because Wing Tsun will teach you how to avoid physical conflicts altogether. Mentally, you will learn to recognize a potentially violent situation or person in advance. Wing Tsun will teach you how to carry yourself and how to utilize your attitude and proper verbal cues to avoid physical confrontations. That is the only way to ensure 100% safety of yourself and your loved ones!
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